Universal Basic Income. Phoenix to use covid taxpayer federal funding for UBI pilot

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The Phoenix City Council approved a plan Tuesday to give monthly payments to approximately 1,000 local low-income families for a year. Call it Phoenix’s own universal basic income program.

The plan will be financed by the American Rescue Plan Act, the latest $1.9 trillion federal COVID-19 relief bill that Congress approved last March. The city received $196 million from the relief bill and voted Tuesday to spend $12 million of it on the monthly payments, officially called the Financial Assistance for Phoenix Families Program…

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One thousand lucky Phoenix families will get $1,000 in taxpayer funding a month in 2022.

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The Phoenix City Council has approved $12 million for a “Financial Assistance for Phoenix Families Program,” a lottery-based form of universal basic income that will begin in January 2022 if not sooner…

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…Phoenix joins a handful of other cities to test out the premise of universal basic income. California’s most recent budget includes $35 million to pay for a similar program. The cities of Los Angeles, Compton and Richmond, Virginia, have approved similar programs.

The city of Chicago is considering a similar program.


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