Until President Trump Correctly Identifies The Enemy…

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by vVVv

There is power in naming things



These “WHISTLEBLOWERS” are now being lauded as HEROES

Until this President’s CABINET makes an example out of these traitors by making good on his campaign pledge to LOCK HER UP, this perceived weakness will only galvanize existing insurrectionists and will breed even more subversive operatives

This will not end until a President is in handcuffs…..

Until this President accurately identifies the enemy, he will be the enemy

Why does this President refuse to acknowledge the existence of Obama’s shadow government?

Is this President afraid of Obama?

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton has stated numerous times that his team of lawyers has enough FOIA’s to put half of DC away for a decade

Judicial Watch even went as far as calling out this Administration’s AG for not arresting the MAYORS of ILLEGAL SANCTUARY CITIES for AIDING and ABETTING for those that cooperate and CONSPIRACY TO DERAUD THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT for those that do not cooperate

The objective is to bring down this INTERNATIONAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING GLOBALIST SYNDICATE’S smuggling routes to the THOUSANDS of HUMAN TRAFFICKING HUBS known as SANCTUARY CITIES that are still permitted to exist on this President’s watch

The goal is to destroy the DNC’s primary source of revenue which are these SANCTUARY CITIES

This would require going after REPUBLICAN DISTRICTS as well which would reveal that both parties are guilty

It will also reveal the narrative being regurgitated on both sides of the aisle

Ask yourself why Hannity continues to condition you that the DEEP STATE AGENCIES like the FBI only had corruption at the top and that the RANK and FILE AGENTS are your best fucking friends

The same AGENTS that believe all Q supporters (anons) ascribe to a WHITE SUPREMACIST NATIONALISM ideology which means Qanons have been designated a potential DOMESTIC TERRORIST THREAT

CNN then conflated FBI DIRECTOR WRAY’S testimony to Congress with footage propagandized to make it seem Director Wray was testifying that President Trump’s base is the greatest NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT to this Republic

Not one tweet from this President

These patterns of inaction and excuses for a 1000 days has brought us to where we are today

With no guarantee or even a promise for justice tomorrow or possibly even ever

The uncertainty meant to destabilize and divide

Play both sides against the middle to divide and conquer

By design

Otherwise President Trump would acknowledge Q



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