Updates Hurricane Dorian Will Get Faster and Bigger after Eye-wall changes

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Hurricane Dorian AKA Big Bad Wolf – Bahamas Marsh Harbor interior is completely destroyed after Hurricane Dorian destructive 220 MPH plus winds turns everyday objects into projectiles and sustained tornado like winds strips buildings and vegetation from islands .

The vast majority of media is now claiming its a category 4 storm and not telling people what is really happening and that is criminal . Here is what is happening . a 156 mph is a category 5 – 155 MPH winds is a technically a category 4 , the difference is zero or 1 mile per hour but media is just calling it a category 4 and not telling people the difference .

the silence Implying its not as bad at the original category five and the only ones with anything to profit out of that is the nuclear industry doesn,t get a black eye yet despite the fact the nuclear power plants are only able to withstand half the winds speeds we are seeing .

The reason there is a discrepancy is because the Inner eye-wall replacement is happening and that leads to a short weakens then expands the destructive winds fields so its actually going to get worst while media disarms everyone by claiming it is downgraded as a category 4 is a dangerous thing to do .

St. Lucie Nuclear Generating Station , Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station , both still easily lie within the possible path of the storm.



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