Uranium deficit

by Enaliss

So I placed China, Russia, and the Ukraine in bold on here because who knows if we will even be doing business with the first two in 20+ years and who knows what’s gonna happen to Ukraine or the sites after being shelled. But in all I think this is a really good progression, its gonna take much more uranium, and if the deficit is legit then the trust (sput) and other uranium stocks will be worth a lot more. So it takes roughly like 27 tonnes of Uranium a year to keep a plant going and by 2025 we should have 30ish more plants open that’s another 1,785,743 lbs of uranium a year, and since they like to stock pile for two years at a time that’s gonna be 3,571,488 lbs that need to come about real quick and if we are not getting it from Russia there is gonna be a scramble. Questions comments concerns, call me a retard everything’s good.


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“About 55 power reactors are currently being constructed in 19 countries, notably China, India, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Units where construction is currently suspended, i.e. Angra 3 (Brazil), Ohma 1 and Shimane 3 (Japan), and Khmelnitski 3&4 (Ukraine), are not shown in the Table below.

Each year, the OECD’s International Energy Agency (IEA) sets out the present situation as well as reference and other – particularly carbon reduction – scenarios in its World Energy Outlook (WEO) report. In the 2021 edition (WEO 2021), the IEA’s ‘Stated Policies Scenario’ sees installed nuclear capacity growth of over 26% from 2020 to 2050 (reaching about 525 GWe). The scenario envisages a total generating capacity of 17,844 GWe by 2050″


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