US Air Force jets intercept 2 Russian bombers off Alaska coast

Seems they are getting testy with the whole Iran deal teetering on collapse.

*EDIT for THOUGHT: As several people are pointing out, it may be fairly routine, even though the article states its the first time that they’re flying this close in a year. More noteworthy though, is the media trying to hype it up (Several sources reporting on this). I think its important to notice what the media is trying to do to churn this shit into more of a mess. Its typical for the media… but important for us to see what they’re doing with all current events. Just another thought 😉


A pair of U.S. Air Force stealth fighter jets intercepted two Russian nuclear-capable bombers Friday morning off the coast of Alaska, a spokesman for NORAD (North American Aeorospace Defense Command) told Fox News.

The approach by the two Tupolev Tu-95 Russian “Bear” aircraft marked the first time in just over a year that Russian bombers had flown that close to U.S. territory.

Two separate defense officials reached by Fox News said the Russian bombers came within 55 miles of Alaska’s west coast. The officials requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss that portion of the intercept.

The bombers entered a U.S. air-defense identification zone (ADIZ), defined as airspace extending approximately 200 miles from the nation’s coastline, though mainly composed of international airspace.

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