US Gives First-Ever OK for Small Commercial Nuclear Reactor

These reactors are safe, they cannot melt down if the power is off they cool down on their own. They produce enough power for a small city and don’t need large amounts of water. The grid would not have to be modified because these would be located near cities. I really don’t know why they haven’t been developed before because they are the answer to safe dependable power that wind and solar ARE NOT.

U.S. officials have for the first time approved a design for a small commercial nuclear reactor, and a Utah energy cooperative wants to build 12 of them in Idaho.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Friday approved Portland-based NuScale Power’s application for the small modular reactor that Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems plans to build at a U.S. Department of Energy site in eastern Idaho.

The small reactors can produce about 60 megawatts of energy, or enough to power more than 50,000 homes. The proposed project includes 12 small modular reactors. The first would be built in 2029, with the rest in 2030.

NuScale says the reactors have advanced safety features, including self-cooling and automatic shutdown.

“This is a significant milestone not only for NuScale, but also for the entire U.S. nuclear sector and the other advanced nuclear technologies that will follow,” said NuScale Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Hopkins in a statement.…id/985194/

These reactors are factory built, modular, so the installation cost is low. As many are built and the cost will come down due to economies of scale. The military wants these as portable so they can be taken to remote locations. Russia already has a sort of portable reactor on a ship that serves the same purpose, now powering a remote Siberian city.…20Siberia.


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