US Signs $5.3 Billion Pfizer Deal for Corona Pills

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by Chris Black


The U.S. will pay Pfizer Inc. $5.3 billion for an order of 10 million courses of its experimental Covid-19 pill beginning later this year.


The U.S. antiviral order “looks like just the beginning, suggesting the bottom end of the $7.5-$25 billion sales range for the drug in our scenario analysis is too low,” Sam Fazeli, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, said in a research note. “The implied price of $529 a course is driven by the volume of the U.S. deal, equating to 20% of Pfizer’s 2022 production expectations.”


Wait a minute: I thought the vaccines work, and they are going to obliterate that pesky covid. Even master of reality Fauci said it. Now we are talking about treating covid which looks like an eternal illness. So, what was the point of the vax?

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They’re literally admitting that there was no point in getting jabbed, at the same time that they are forcing people to boosters ad infinitum.

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