US Treasury to Borrow $1 Trillion for 2nd Year to Finance Debt – Who Holds The Power

by Thinker

BATTLE FOR WORLD / BLOOMBERG – January 28, 2019: In the normal scheme of things for the United States to maintain…all of its war activities throughout the world it has increased yet again the U.S. debt. The Bloomberg article highlights that the U.S. Treasury Department is set to maintain elevated sales of long-term debt to finance the government’s widening budget deficit, with new issuance projected to top $1 trillion for a second-straight year.

Strategists are predicting that:…easuryDebt

Goldman Sachs veteran is sworn in as US Treasury secretary

Why are banks getting bailed out and Americans getting sold out??? Friends in the right positions in government is everything. How many past corporate CEO/employees are working in government??? Boeing now has their man in the top position of Secretary of Defense??? What does he know about the military, war, soldiers, or veterans? Not Much!

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Greed running in the organizations Trump wants to close…why did government open back up??? To take care of the people, the Dems didn’t!