USA reaches 1,000,000 cases, doubling in just 17 days, the same day as the world surpasses 3,000,000 cases. Re-opening with no 14 day decline, this will go well…

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by forevervalerie

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I do NOT understand why states are opening before seeing a 14 day decline in positive tests per the CDC-Whitehouse Guidelines. Isn’t that the literal first step to even get out of that “gate”? Am I not understanding this clearly? Why is this all happening before April 30 (which would mark the end of the “30 Days to Slow the Spread”)? Don’t you think the president or the administration should have said to the governors/mayors they need to wait until AFTER this month is over to start their counters?

All that being said it’s not gonna work. People are literally flying and taking road trips all over this country still, for all sorts of reasons (not adhering to stay at home guidelines whatsoever and on top of that, the people that weren’t adhering when guidelines came out initially). All I forsee is those same people traveling to different cities/counties just cause they are “bored” or wanna get their nails done or see a movie or go bowling…It will happen! I’m literally in a state where I could go one county over and potentially get services done but not in my own county because we’re still “restricted”. If they think people are gonna abide, they are sorely mistaken.

This isn’t politics at all. It’s pure observational, data driven, fact based logic! Everything is endlessly frustrating coupled with the fact that our country doesn’t have guardrails in place for things like this and we have to wait for bills to be passed to approve of our “security”. It’s laughable. Literally we’re the only country in the world where citizens are scared shitless because our government just plain doesn’t have protocols ALREADY in place for things like this and a set time table for when to enact certain protocols.

We haven’t even gotten done flattening or getting to the other side of the “peak” as a national whole and we’re wanting to start doing this, this and this? What a joke. Very disorganized, misinformation everywhere, everyone for themselves, no clear national level instructions and no consistency. What a mess! This all needs to be said.



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