‘Utopia’ plandemic TV series plot meets real life? – ‘Killer virus leaves bunnies bleeding to death en masse’

Hemorrhagic disease spreads like wildfire among rabbit populations in America

“According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the virus, known as RHDV2, does not affect humans.”…yet.

Interesting timing for a rabbit host virus ‘release’, as the comic book afficionado convention, Comic-Con resumes this year …after being canceled for the past two years.

In the Utopia series, the group of virus conspiracy theory buffs (GLP’ers) all meet up in episode one at the Comic-con lookalike convention called, “Fringe-Con.”

Amazon’s Utopia series was abruptly canceled right as the plandemic portrayed by the film makers showed up in real life…the COVID 19 bioweapon attack.
Word on the street was that Amazon execs decided to pull it because its plandemic theme was hitting a little close too reality.

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Mr.Rabbit is the evil virus villain and Pharma head psychopath in Utopia .
And “vaccinated” rabbit petting/shedding zoos is how the bioweapon attack is deployed in the series.

So here we are in the ‘rabbit’ shedding zoo episode; what comes next?
Follow the dead rabbit.

Time to go watch Utopia again to prep for where we are going next…


h/t TerraFirma’s Esoterrorist


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