Va. Leftist Schools Announce Rebellion. Won’t Obey Guv’s Order to End Mask Mandates

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School systems across Virginia will defy Governor Glenn Youngkin’s executive order that rescinds the statewide mandate that school kids wear face diapers to block the transmission of the China Virus.

The reaction among leftist “educators” to the newly minted governor’s order was immediate: We won’t obey.

Funny how when people don’t follow the Govt. edict from the l-tards, they are instantly ‘insurrectionists’, they are right wing delusional paranoid, anti-government.

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But here are the ‘tards doing the exact same thing.
They should all be fired immediately for allowing themselves to be jabbed with an emergency use untested genet therapy to protect them from a cold.

We can’t have people that stupid teaching children.



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