Vaccinated People told Not to Travel?

by Martin Armstrong


We are starting to come full circle. Now airlines in Spain and Russia are warning people who have been vaccinated should not travel. Indeed, COVID-19 vaccinated people can be excluded from air travel! That was the headline of a Russian online news portal. There are a number of news articles coming out a warning that vaccinated people may not be allowed to travel because of the danger of blood clots in the mile-high atmosphere. In Spain, the same thing is appearing. This has raised concerns that are the objective of this vaccine to prevent travel?

Even the American CDC has on their site a warning about blood clots when traveling more than 4 hours on airplanes.

More than 300 million people travel on long-distance flights (generally more than four hours) each year.1 Blood clots, also called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), can be a serious risk for some long-distance travelers. Most information about blood clots and long-distance travel comes from information that has been gathered about air travel. However, anyone traveling more than four hours, whether by air, car, bus, or train, can be at risk for blood clots.

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This has caused many to wonder if you are at higher risk of blood clots that can cause death if you travel internationally and thus this was one of the objectives – to end air travel by increasing the risk of flying high. If you are COVID-19 vaccinated, many got vaccinated so they could travel and this leads to people wondering if this was a specific objective.

I know one friend who got the vaccine so he could travel and a blood clot has formed in his leg and he needs surgery to remove it. Naturally, in Australia, the airlines have just come out and said it’s not true, you can fly if vaccinated. Of course, they are not interested in people’s safety – only staying in business. There have been recorded deaths from blood clots after being vaccinated without flying. Others have found that COVID deaths often involve blood clots. The UK Evening Standard reported that the risk of a blood clot when flying is the same for vaccinated or unvaccinated people.

As with everything else surrounding COVID, there is no real solid information and we are not likely to ever get there because the government is pushing the vaccine. Politicians will NEVER admit a mistake no matter how many people die. They cannot be prosecuted for they control the entire process and the media is of no help. For me, just means natural is better. If I never have to leave my house, fine. I have had enough of the crazy world anyhow. I will wait patiently for the mushroom cloud to remove the threat to humanity and signal it’s all clear. There is just nobody left to trust in any authority whatsoever.


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