Vaccine Court Payouts — Quarterly Report of March 6, 2020

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by SP

The quarterly report for the Vaccine Court Injury and Death Compensation is now available.  (They are archived at an anti-vaxx website, but this is the only place I know where to find the powerpoint quarterly summaries.)

From their spreadsheet we have 74 cases total, 60 of which were for the flu shot.

-Guillan Barre Syndrome, 11 cases

-Transverse Myelitis, 5 cases

-Acute Dysemenated Encephalomyelitis, 2 cases

-Chronic Dymelinating Polyneuropathy, 4 cases

-Multiple Sclerosis, 1 case

-Miscellaneous injury, 54 cases

Another significant trend is the movement in vaccine injuries from children primarily, to adults in the last decade.  This is because the flu shot is now by far the most common vaccination causing about 1,000 cases of injury compensation from the DOJ program.  Childhood vaccine injuries remain steady just under 200 compensated injuries per year.


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