Vaccine Narrative Disintegrating

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by Jim Quinn

The powers that be are desperately trying to keep the fear going with the dreaded Delta variant (aka Indian variant). They changed the name to Delta because cases in India, with extremely low vaccination rates, have absolutely crashed after they started giving out ivermectin for free. That doesn’t support the Big Pharma vaccine narrative.

The pandemic hoaxers are thrashing about as they shrilly point to “surging” cases based on a PCR test which the FDA just admitted is a worthless piece of shit. One thing they can’t fake is deaths (even though they can grossly overestimate those). It seems they are at all time lows. The Delta variant is far less deadly than the very non-lethal Alpha.

The other yuge problem for the pandemic cheerleaders is their fucking vaccine DOES NOT WORK!!!! The data from the most vaxxed country on the planet – Israel – proves that the majority of cases are among the vaccinated, and the vaxxed are being hospitalized and are dying from Covid (or the shots?).

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The solution from our all-knowing overlords is to ramp up fear, require all people to re-mask and then cover up the truth about vaxxers getting covid, by no longer reporting that data. Do you see what they are doing? This is not about anyone’s health. This is about control and wealth.



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