Vaccines have poor quality controls- Baxter 2009 put live H5N1 into seasonal flu

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by Hohhot

Most vaccines are not profitable for the manufacturer per se, but because they are given immunity from prosecution by various governments, and the quality control measures are poor, they can make some cash. How much crap is in vaccines? It’s frightening- how about some broken glass?

You can get all kinds of contaminates per scientific paper January 23, 2017 entitled, “New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination.”

Baxter Pharma in Austria sent out flu vaccine with live H5N1 virus in it. Receiving nations injected it into lab ferrets who all died. Everybody called Baxter. At first they denied it, then they said “don’t know how it happened,” then “oopsie.”


You’re not getting a “clean” Covid 19 vaccine but one that’s from animal cell lines. I think it’s dog cells.  Animals have lots of coronaviruses. This vaccine has supposedly not been tested on animals but is going straight to humans.  Bad form.

In 2011 researcher Dr. Judy Mikovits was put in jail by Fauci for discovering that all the RNA vaccines on the market are ineffective. She further found that because of the human and animal cell cultures they’re grown in, they can cause life-long diseases. She is not anti-vaccine but wants good immunological basis for things.

Those who’ve had the flu shots are 35% more likely to catch Covid 19.


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