VEGAS: Laura Loomer Strolls into the Mandalay Bay service elevator to 32nd floor and no one cares…

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Hard hitting Investigative Journalist, Laura Loomer and Security and Intelligence expert, Mike Turber, who has found a niche in investigative journalism, team up to expose a serious flaw in Mandalay Bay Security.
It appears that anyone can take the service elevator at Mandalay Bay.
Not a guest? Not a problem!
No Key? No Problem!
Need to get in without anyone even talking to you or asking for ID or anything? NO PROBLEM!
In this video Mike and Laura, an unlikely duo, with nearly polar perspectives on the same event, put their differences aside in the interest of public safety, and get the answers to the questions we all have had “how did Stephen Paddock move an arsenal of weapons and ammunition to the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay without being seen? Did he get help? Did he need to pay someone to look the other way?
Just how hard was it to bring approximately 5,000 rounds of military grade ammo and nearly 2 dozen assault weapons that were modified to fire like a machine gun up 32 floors and down 2 long hallways? Not hard at all! In fact, Not only do you not need a key, you do not need to be a guest.
Mike Turber has been going up and down the service elevators at will for the past week. So he decided the make a video in the hopes that Mandalay Bay would take notice and make the service elevators secure. Did they? Of course not. In fact, each of the 3 elevator banks in the center of the hotel, called “Center Core” have 1 or 2 security officers on each wing entrance to the elevators. None on any floor, & just the main elevators bank. Feel secure about that? Don’t be! Because anyone can bypass that security by just having an old room key. In fact, Mike printed a copy of his room key on his color printer at home, laminated it with a cheap home laminator and was able to bypass security with it. Seems all they ask you to do is flash your room key. Mike is a security and self-defense expert and immediately knew something was wrong here, terribly wrong. So he decided to find out for himself and over the course of several days he went up and down various service elevators.
A publicity stunt? Trying to get subs and likes? Trying to make money off tragedy? Mike is not about that. In fact, his videos are not monetized at all and all his equipment, cameras, computers and related surveillance gear is all his, some left over from a different career but all very useful in investigative journalism.
So he decided to up the ante by giving a tour to whoever wanted it in Las Vegas Shooting Survivor group he is in. Several turned up and a few took him up on the offer. His intent was to give them a first-hand account of just how easy it was. When he first went up he thought “This must not be normal, especially after what happened. I mean it was less than 4 month’s ago that Paddock used the same elevators to take up all his weapons and ammo yet these elevators have no security at all. I mean none, zip, zero nada, NOTHING!”. When asked if this was some publicity stunt, he stated “You damn right it is, but not for me, it is for the victims, the survivors, and hopefully this will show MGM, Mandalay Bay, and others that this is a serious problem. To not have ANY security at all on these elevators is mindboggling. I have not been approached one time.
Funny thing was that Mike did not know where the service elevators were. He booked a room last minute on priceline and was given a room on the seventh floor. He says he used his “Jedi Mind trick” and was able to move his reservation up to the 32nd floor, the same floor as Paddock but room 32-219 which has an incredible view. After settling in he decided to fill the ice bucket and get a soda. While walking down the hall he noticed a set of plain looking metal doors and figured it must be vending. No sign saying anything on it. Once he opened the door he realized immediately that this must be the service elevator. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 not 5 but 6 of them and only a few doors down from his room. After picking up his jaw the investigation began.
After several days of riding the elevators, taking a couple of people from a survivor group, Using various cameras he thought who would be the best choice to put in the elevator who could make some noise with him. Well, that was a short list. None other than Laura Loomer, and having worked with her before, he called her and told her what he was able to do. This video clearly shows her stunned reaction and although this is the short version of a 2 or 3 part or more series, you can see that Mandalay Bay has a problem and based on conversations with employees, this has been like this for a long time. More news soon and check out Laura’s take on this event on her pages.
Made the 10 o’clock news in Vegas
Mandalay Bay security tested as two reach 32nd floor without permission
In the aftermath of 1 October, MGM Resorts and Mandalay Bay promised to increase security, especially around the guest and service elevators. The service elevator is how the 1 October shooter got his weapons into his hotel room.
Two investigative journalists tested security, four months after the shooting. Independent investigative journalists Laura Loomer and Mike Turber walked into the hotel’s service elevator unchallenged. The two recorded themselves riding the service elevator to the 32nd floor of the hotel and back to the ground floor about four times last Thursday. They said they made their trips around 10:00 p.m., the same time shooter Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowds below on Oct.1.
Police said this was the same service elevator Paddock used to transport his arsenal to his hotel room. No one challenged Paddock as he rode to the 32nd floor, and no one challenged Loomer and Turber, they said.
“A housekeeping employee just saw us get into this elevator … Nothing. We just walked in right past security. Basically there isn’t any. There’s a camera in here too,” Loomer said.
Loomer posted the video to her Youtube channel with a clip of a Steve Wynn interview taken after the shooting.
“No public person has ever ridden a service elevator (at a Wynn property) unless they were accompanied by security,” Wynn said last fall.

Tune into @joyceonair @850WFTL now! I’m live talking about my undercover video with Mike Turber inside the @MandalayBay service elevator and how @MGMResortsIntl has responded. #LasVegasShooting
11:06 AM – 30 Jan 2018 from Las Vegas, NV

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  1. This is fake. There covering it up after the fact. Mandalay Bay employee’s were in Paddocks room the day of the shooting and saw nothing suspicious. False flag.

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