Venezuela Arms its Citizens – They Won’t Go Down Like Syria, People Ready to Fight!

by Thinker

Venezuela will not be swayed by the threats of sanctions, and the invasion of the deep state military industrial complex. The people are ready to defend their country and passing out guns to ensure that every man can defend his family. No more fear, strength is in numbers and the armies of Venezuela know the people will fight for their country and protect all who do.

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We Witnessed The Riots & Chaos During Venezuela’s Elections: VICE on HBO

In early 2017 Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced moves that would turn the world’s most oil-rich nation from a democracy into a dictatorship. This sparked a crisis, igniting longstanding anger over inequality, misrule, hunger and crime. VICE founder Suroosh Alvi and correspondent Ben Anderson traveled to Venezuela as Maduro seized the country’s political institutions with an alleged “sham election” and violently suppressed growing opposition to his rule.

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