Verizon secretly performed 5G test at Super Bowl

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  • Verizon set up a temporary (and secret) 5G network at Super Bowl LII.
  • Using the 5G network, guests were able to watch high-resolution streams of instant replays.
  • Meanwhile, in New York City, engineers were able to view a stereoscopic 180-degree video of the game in nearly real time.

While Philadelphia Eagles fans were cheering on their winning team at yesterday’s Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Verizon was secretly testing out 5G network speeds in the same arena.

The nation’s largest telecommunications provider set up a temporary 5G network in the stadium well before the big game began. The company then set to work on stress-testing the network using high-resolution video and virtual reality.
Engineers in New York City at Alley, Powered by Verizon were able to view a stereoscopic 180-degree live video of the game as it progressed, streamed exclusively over the 5G network. Meanwhile, Verizon employees and their guests at the game were able to watch high-resolution instant replays of highlights on secondary screens, once again powered by 5G.


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