Vice president of the german parliament disturbs and calls off minute of silence for latest victim of migrant murder

German party AfD (our only party with an agenda critical of migrants) wanted to held a minute of silence for rape and murder victim Susanna F. She was 14 years old.

Susanna was raped and tortured over several hours and then murdered (probably strangulated) by Iraqi migrant Ali Bashar on May 23. After the murder Ali Bashar was able to travel back to Iraq (the country he fled from, seeking asylum in Europe) with his wife and 6 children. He still hasn’t been caught so far.

Now look at what happened when Thomas Seitz (AfD), asked for a minute of silence for Susanna F.:

You don’t need to understand german language for getting what’s going on… but basically Claudia Roth, vice president of the German Bundestag, says: “This is not part of our topics for discussion today, stop it or leave the podium!” The other parties agree and clap, only the members of the AfD (right side of the hall) keep silent.

This is so disgusting. The ruling parties of the German Bundestag deny us the right to mourn for the victims of their murderous migration politics.