Viciously Cold Start to Fall In the US West

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by Natura Naturans

NASA is notorious for lying about climate. They adjust the temperature record constantly to cool old temperatures and boost recent temperatures to make it look like there is warming. Here is what NASA predicted for the fall across the country:

But a cold front set in and here is the actual frigid temperatures across the West and mid sections of the country:

The result has been record snow:
Nevada – Winnemucca snowfall breaks 142-year-old record
October 1, 2019…ld-record/

On Saturday snow was recorded at Missoula International Airport, the first time snow was measured there on a September 28 date since 1893.

Storm winds and blizzard conditions were forecast to continue through Monday in parts of Montana, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.

I’m sure the global warming fraudsters will claim that global warming, that really bad evil monster, is so smart it can also cause record cold. I doubt if you buy that either.…ana-video/

No wonder people say NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer


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