Video: Coup-Funding Soros Pumps $1,000,000,000 Into Indoctrination and Re-education Programs For Children To Be Brainwashed On Climate Change Agenda That Serves Corrupt Elite

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by ClarityofSignal

David Icke covers the deceptive actions of one of the top tier globalist lizards, George Soros, who has funded groups associated with coups in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and even the Kony 2012 campaign in Africa. Most recently Sith Lord Soros has been caught funding Black Lives Matter and Antifa in the US, as well as the Parkland school teens propaganda rollout March For Our Lives and Hillary Clinton’s political activites, amongst others.

Its important for people to be aware that the corrupt, murderous global Elite billionaires fund all sides in order to keep their agendas in play.



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