VIDEO: Devin Nunes: Current IG Report Media Leaks Probably Based on Dirty Cop Version, Not the Real Version, of IG Report – Media HOODWINKED?

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Devin Nunes: “That’s who you’re hearing from. You’re
hearing from the people who did really bad things. You’re
hearing from the dirty cops. That’s why what you’re seeing
out here in the news media that’s leaking now, it’s the
version that the dirty cops have. Not probably what the
real version is.”

Jeanine Pirro
Verified account

Congressman @DevinNunes reacts to the latest in the battle
with Democrats over the impeachment inquiry. Check this

[Video at the link: 3:44]

Brenden Dilley

> Brenden Dilley Retweeted Jeanine Pirro

“The version of the OIG report being leaked is the
version that the dirty cops being investigated have
received and is not the full and actual report.”

You hear that Twitter?

You can stop crying over fake news.



h/t dr0id


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