[Video] This Could Be the End of Tesla

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By Rodney Johnson

I’ve said for years that Tesla, the electric car company, had its share of problems.

Most recently I wrote about them herehere, and here.

They’ve been selling “cool.” That may have worked for a little while, but now Tesla’s murky future, in my view, has reached entirely new depths.

I’ve been saying competitors would eventually catch up to their ideas, and execute them in better way. And now it’s happening.

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Porsche, you know them, has recently put an electric car on the market, the Taycan, that blows anything Elon Musk has out of the water.

I want one myself, and it seems so do a lot of other people.

And this demand really could mark the end of Tesla.

Here’s why:

Rodney Johnson – Competition Catches Up to Tesla

Rodney Johnson talks about how Tesla's lack of progression in the electric car market has led to growing competition from other top line manufacturers, including Porsche…For complete coverage of all the major markets, check out Dent Research's premium newsletter, Boom & Bust: bit.ly/2OCYm5J

Posted by Economy and Markets on Monday, January 28, 2019


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