[VIDEO] Woke Corporations Hit With Biggest Dose of Karma Yet..Many Say, “Serves ‘Em Right”

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Remember all those woke companies that got political and started supporting violent Marist group BLM and other progressive policies?

Well, karma has come back to teach those opportunistic frauds a lesson.

And they’re learning the very hard and costly way, that Dem policies don’t pay.

After BLM burned cities to the ground and looted businesses while “protesting” for some rather unscrupulous criminals, Americans were left cleaning up the mess, while our “woke” corporations celebrated the movement.

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In reality, BLM has tanked in public approval after a brief uptick when George Floyd was killed. However, it’s one thing to be upset and angry over a death, it’s quite another to spend three months destroying cities and causing over 20 deaths.

But that didn’t matter to out-of-touch woke companies, they still pushed BLM down our gullets.

And now, all the lawlessness that these companies supported – the bail reform, defunding the police, and cheering on felons – has come back to bite them… and now they want “help.”

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They’re begging for it, actually.

You can watch the video below:



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