Vietnam stock market world’s worst performing in Q2 2018, and worst performance since 2008

The article cites several reasons and none of them seem likely to go away in the short term.

Global tensions and investors selling stocks have seen Vietnamese exchanges swing from one extreme to the other.

Vietnam’s stock market plunged 18.19 percent in the second quarter this year, making it the worst-performing market in the world.

The strong fall of the VN-Index, the benchmark stock index of Vietnam, marks the worst period for the market since the fourth quarter of 2008, when an economic crisis shook the entire world, including Vietnam.

Following Vietnam for the worst stock performer rankings were Argentina, dropping 16.32 percent; Turkey, 16 percent and Brazil, 14.76 percent, according to real-time world market site IndexQ.

Vietnam’s stock market had experienced its heydays since last year, when it hit a 10-year high and reached 984.24 points in the last trading session of 2017. It had not broken the 800-point barrier since 2008.

Continuing its good run, the VN-Index grew 19.33 percent in the first three months of this year, becoming the best-performing market in the world….