Antifa vandalizes Purdue College Republicans adviser’s home with ‘Nazi lives here.’

A College Republicans adviser claimed that Antifa activists vandalized his house with the words “Nazi lives here.”

David Bridges, adviser to the Purdue University College Republicans student group, woke up on Nov. 18 to red dye covering his driveway and the words, “Nazi lives here” scrawled in white spray paint on the garage door. Bridges claimed that the perpetrators of the vandalism were Antifa activists, according to the Lafayette Journal & Courier.

“Unfortunately, the use of that gesture as being an OK signal has declined, and it has been adopted by many as a symbol of white power.”    

Bridges scrubbed the garage clean with gasoline and cleared the driveway of the dye, but not before he and his wife submitted photos with a note of the incident to the West Lafayette, Ind. Police Department.

Initially, police officers were concerned that this was a politically-charged occurrence. When contemplating what other incidents may have been the catalyst for the vandalism, police were able to identify a potential impetus.

Antifa’s tactics — masks in the streets and threatening people in their homes — are eeerily reminsicent of the Klan. Then again, both are militant wings of the Democratic Party.

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This seems like something that the Department of Justice should be investigating.

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