Violent killings shock NYC, bring back bad memories…

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One was thrown in front of an incoming subway train in Times Square. The other was shot over a few dollars at a burger joint.

These recent violent deaths of women in New York have set off alarm bells and brought back grim memories of when America’s largest city was a dangerous place to live.

Michelle Go, a 40-year-old Asian American, died last Saturday when a 61-year-old, who was homeless and dealing with mental health issues, shoved her in front of a train pulling into the station.

On January 9, a 19-year-old woman of Puerto Rican origin, Krystal Bayron-Nieves, was fatally shot during a robbery in the East Harlem Burger King where she worked. The assailant took about $100 from the till and shot her as he fled.

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The deaths have convulsed the city, which initially had been America’s ground zero in the pandemic, then posted an economic and social rebound — only to see streets, restaurants, theaters and other public places empty out again because of the raging Omicron variant of the virus.

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