Virginia & Maryland demand Covid jabs for state workers as Gov. Hogan blames unvaccinated for ‘threatening our freedoms’

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The only threat to our freedom is these corrupt politicians, draconian measures and tyrannical policies.

In others words, they know the vaccine is useless because they are afraid of catching something the ‘vaccine; was supposed to fix.

Two US states just outside Washington, DC have joined the trend of mandating coronavirus vaccines for public workers. Maryland’s governor ramped up pressure on the unvaccinated, calling them a threat to others’ health and freedom.

Rolled out just hours apart on Thursday, the new mandates apply to all state workers, or nearly 500,000 people in Maryland and another 122,000 in Virginia. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, pointed to the spread of the more contagious Delta variant as he announced the decision, also launching into scathing criticism of those declining to take the jab.

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“Those of you who refuse to get vaccinated at this point are willfully and unnecessarily putting yourself and others at risk of hospitalization and death,” he said. “You are the ones threatening the freedoms of all the rest of us, the freedom not to wear masks, to keep our businesses open and get our kids back in school.”

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