Wag The Dog Redux: With WW3 on Hold, What Should Trump Do About Robert Mueller?

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By Chris Black

In yet another move of 4D Spatial Chess or whatever, Master Troll Trump, also known as the leader of the free world, announced on Thursday (via Twitter of course) that World War 3 via Syria is currently on hold, because reasons. It could happen today or tomorrow, or maybe never; the beauty of it is that  you never know, so we’ll keep in touch, and watch for those Tomahawk missiles if you’re lucky enough to be a Syrian; also don’t forget to thank America for getting Syria and Iraq rid of ISIS. Of course, I am being sarcastic, but the Donald’s tweet is as serious as a heart attack, which is troubling enough for any person who voted for that guy 2 years ago.


Moving along with our story, while the world is now hanging by a thread, waiting for the Mad Dogs of War to unleash Hell upon Syria at Trump’s signal, let’s see what happens at home, shall we? The ACLU now actually celebrates the FBI’s raid on Trump’s lawyer Cohen. Yes, the ACLU, whose ostensible mission for the last 50 years has been to defend civil liberties and privacy rights here in the US. In a stunning reversal, to show us how desperate they are to bring this president down, the ACLU has now come out with an official written statement, saying that they completely support Robert Mueller’s decision to coordinate with the FBI to raid Michael Cohen’s home, office and makeshift hotel room. Moreover, they took all of his emails communications with the POTUS (Attorney-Client stuff basically), everything has been seized. All of their privileged communications, all the documents, tax records, bank records, business records, the FBI got it all. This strikes at the very heart of the attorney-client privilege, a sacred right in the Anglo-American world which goes back centuries. Also, the 4th Amendment has been raped, the one against unreasonable searches and seizures, not to mention the civil liberties and the privacy of Michael Cohen the lawyer and the POTUS himself.


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So, what happened to all of those docs? They’ve been handed over to an FBI agent, which is most probably someone like Peter Strzok, a tool of Christopher Wray, the FBI director, who now works in coordination with Mueller. This FBI agent’s job is to meticulously examine every piece of intel confiscated, in search of any possible crime. They are now looking for financial stuff, that seems very obvious to me, the likes of potential money-laundering, violation of tax laws, and things of that nature. They’ll look for any technicality or illegal act that they can use to impeach Trump. In theory, the justification for the raid is to examine the $130,000 payment that was issued by Cohen to Stormy Daniels, the washed up hooker who “accused” (?) Trump of having a one night stand with her 12 years ago, at an event in Lake Tahoe, a payment aimed at basically shut her up about the whole deal (which is not illegal by the way). Now, Mueller and the FBI are claiming this payment could have violated campaign finance laws and, who knows, maybe it’s bank fraud or something along these lines. So, we have gone from Russia-collusion and whether Trump colluded with Putin to allow the Russians to meddle in our election and steal the victory from Hillary’s jaws, to hush payments to a porn star with regard to a consensual sex-act between 2 private citizens from 12 years ago. Now the NYT reports a new dramatic bombshell revelation: one of the reasons for the raid on Cohen’s office by the FBI is that Mueller wants to look deeper into the Access Hollywood tape, where Trump was bragging about women jumping him and all that pussy grabbing extravaganza. Apparently, they think (hope) that  Trump, in his private communications with his lawyer, may have actually named a woman and he admitted that he did grab her by the pussy. In other words, they are hoping to find a crime via a confession from the actual criminal, Trump in this case. And no, this is not a joke. This is a massive fishing expedition on taxpayers dime, and a very bad and stupid joke on the American people.

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The essence of the story is this: we are staring at an out of control-rogue prosecutor, who’s so far out from his actual scope of the investigation, Russia collusion that is, it makes my head spin. Basically, this guy is begging Trump to fire his ass. His initial job (which has failed miserably) was to find a connection between the POTUS and Russia/Putin. Now, he’s trying hard to become a martyr. This whole story is not a search for the truth, but a disgusting reality show and a travesty of justice. And the truth is, Mueller and the DEMs have absolutely nothing on Russia, nothing on Putin, nothing on collusion.


So, what should Trump do? REPs and DEMs have now sponsored legislation that would essentially make it almost impossible for him to fire Mueller. Leading RINOs already said: you fire Mueller, we impeach, not to mention Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. The argument is that firing Mueller would make for obstruction of justice. So, the REP establishment is now siding with this out of control, rogue prosecutor, on his war against the POTUS, together with the DEMs, the mainstream media, including many voices on Fox News, who are now telling Trump: let Mueller do what he wants, because if you try to stop him, the REPs and the DEMs will impeach you. This is no longer a question of if, but a question of when: Mueller will find some technicality and Trump will get impeached by his own party. Why? Because Trump is equally hated by the REPs and DEMs alike, who all hate his America First agenda.

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