WAKE UP PARENTS! CDC says to prepare children for a “sudden sleepover” if there’s an emergency at school!

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ALERT!! If you can, don’t send your children back to school in September! HOMESCHOOL THEM.

Something is up!

Easy as ABC – Three Steps to Protect Your Child During Emergencies in the School Day

BRING extra medications, special food, or supplies your child would need if you were separated overnight

An emergency might require a sudden sleepover. Tell school administrators about any extra supplies your child may need to safely make it through a night away from home.

What essential supplies would your child need if separated from you overnight? (Medications? Inhaler? Milk? Diapers? Battery pack for special equipment?)
Does the school have an emergency stockpile of these items? Yes □ No □
If your child has special medications, can extras be kept at the school? Yes □ No □
What is the school policy for how and when medicine can be administered to your child?



Page last reviewed: July 21, 2020

SLEEPOVER?!? If there is an emergency so serious a parent cannot get to their child, you better believe NO ONE IS SLEEPING!!

I’d just like to know what emergency would prevent a parent from accessing their child!

The only emergency would be if a pile of rubble was on top of the school, or if the school collapsed and the parents couldn’t physically access their child.

At that point, do you think teachers are thinking about administering medication or changing diapers?!? Their lives are in danger too!

This stinks to high heaven!

I know the sighing is distracting and there’s a lot of unsubstantiated info, but there are some nuggets in here you should pay attention to:

Parents, you MUST know the covid policy in schools in your jurisdiction. Will the school contact you first before public heath authorities if they suspect covid in your child or another student?

You must demand to be FIRST CONTACT.

South Australia’s Emergency Response Act states children can be removed from ANY premises to a quarantine facility if the authorized official thinks it is fitting — and may use reasonable force to do so!


Australia: First world, democratic — Just like Canada and the U.S.

Don’t think it can’t happen in North America.

If it can happen in Australia, it can happen ANYWHERE!


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