War With North Korea Could Trigger A World War

by Daniel Carter
On the surface, the conflict between the US and North Korea looks simply like the world’s superpower trying to quell the dangerous power of a dictatorial madman. However, after examining the details of this conflict more closely, a much more complex and dangerous situation is revealed.
The origins of this conflict began during the time of World War II. Up until the end of the great war, Korea was ruled by Imperial Japan. After the US and Soviet Union defeated Japan, they came to an agreement to where they would both share the land for military purposes. The Soviet and Chinese-backed Korea was in the north, and the US-backed Korea was in the South.
Not long after the second world war, tensions began to rise between the communist countries (USSR and China) and the US.  In 1950, the communist troops from the north invaded the US-backed southern territory, and the Korean War officially began. The result of this war was a division of the two territories into North Korea and South Korea.
China and Russia have enjoyed using North Korea as a barrier against the US empire. They have never made a serious attempt to stop the North Korean regime because they don’t want the US to expand its military presence into North Korea. It is my inference that they let North Korea develop the 4th largest standing army in the world primarily for this reason.

Relations between the two eastern countries and the US have consistently soured over the last several years.  Both countries are beginning to challenge the US’s economic power, and the US seems willing to challenge them back. Both are putting pressure on the US’s petrodollar system. Russia is also defending its Syrian ally against US invasion at the moment.
It is highly likely that China and Russia view the US’s aggression toward North Korea as a threat toward themselves. Both countries have moved troops to their North Korean borders in anticipation of a US invasion.

A war between the US and North Korea could be a much more serious situation than many realize. Conquering the 4th largest standing army won’t be easy even with the US’s far superior technology. Also, the US must deal with the potential of China and Russia funding or directly fighting for the opposition. Their military strength would negate a lot of the shortcomings of North Korea’s technology. China and Russia also have huge armies to put into the conflict.
I fear that the US government is willing to accept the risks. A Fox News Poll shows that the government already has public support, with 53% of the public favoring military action against North Korea. Most people are not aware of the extreme risks, however. It would be ideal for all sides to solve the conflict diplomatically.

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9 thoughts on “War With North Korea Could Trigger A World War”

  1. Well stated. What the west fails to accept is that all of the belligerence by North Korea is simply a rattle snake shaking its tail. It is only saying, stay away from me or I will hurt you. The US has pressed its hubris to the extent that other countries are seriously concerned for their sovereignty. Read, Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc. President Putin also quietly mentioned, We have nukes. It would be well for the US to back off a bit and leave all the “Terrorist” nations alone unless the US is directly attacked. All peoples want what Americans want. No one is just going to lay down to be trampled on. The world is not the same place as it was in the last century. Now even some small guys have nukes. They WILL use them if the beast comes for them.

    • The alternative to war with NK is allowing Japan and South Korea build nuclear weapons and missiles. It also means Taiwan can arm itself with nuclear weapons in order to deter Communist China stated policy of retaking the island by force if necessary. China who indirectly encouraged nuclear proliferation to Pakistan and NK is going to reap the rewards of what she created (nuclear neighbors Russia, India, Pakistan, North Korea and maybe Japan, South Korea and Taiwan).

      • Yeah, stupid American lets spread this cancer of nukes everywhere – perhaps one day US gets a big hit too. Gosh – I’m disgusted by the American brains.

        • So Japan, and South Korea must face North Korea with only conventional weapons??? That is not how the world works. If North Korea succeeds, why shouldn’t Taiwan build nukes to deter China from retaking them? The same with Vietnam as a stronger China have disputes with them over islands. The US never wanted proliferation of nuclear weapons. Soviet Union actually used espionage to get the final details of making atomic bomb in the 1950’s. Britain and France had the scientists to eventually make their own, so did Israel. China eventually figure out how to make a bomb too. China helped Pakistan to get nukes to counter India, and allowed North Korea and Iran get blue prints and designs so they would build nuclear weapons in order to create strategic mischief for the US. When Libya gave up their secret nuclear program, their documents show that their design came from Pakistan who in turn got it from China. Evidence was the blueprint had Chinese annotated remarks on it. Why did China do that? Simple, China needed time to modernize her economy. Problem is she did not have the wealth in the 1980’s to modernize her military at the same time. Create nuclear headaches for the Americans in Asia and Middle East with adversaries pursuing and eventually fielding nuclear weapons so the US will not be paying attention to China. The strategy worked, but it also creates new strategic headaches. The US can play the same game with China’s neighbors.

  2. Pretty sure that’s the plan to save the Dollar.
    Or hide the collapse – and blame someone/everyone else (Hillablaming; ‘Everyone else BUT me’).


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