WARNING: It’s likely that youtuber “Black Pigeon Speaks” has sold out, and is now part of a pump & dump scam group.

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by anon_poaster

It’s likely that youtuber “Black Pigeon Speaks” has sold out, and is now part of a pump & dump scam group.

This is very similar to what happened a few years back to “George4title”, who was a popular youtuber during the US housing crash. George4title was then approached by a pump & dump scam group (led by Jon Lebed), and they created a website inflation.us. The pump & dump scammers paid George4title some money, and George4title would pitch their penny stocks to his large youtube fanbase (while mixing in housing crash / economic doomsday themes).

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TODAY: We all know that “Black Pigeon Speaks” has a popular youtube channel, mainly focused on alt-right themes. And a few days ago, he released a video promoting Bitcoin, as a great investment with big upside. He also mentioned that he is now forming a new group backed by “investment bankers & hedge fund managers”, and that their group will be posting investment-advice videos.


And looking at their website, they’re already promoting some obscure cryptocurrency “Fluz”


If you pay attention to the words in the above Bitcoin & Fluz videos, it seems like “Black Pigeon Speaks” is reading scripts prepared by a pump & dump group.

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Just be aware that “Black Pigeon Speaks” is likely now aligned with some pump & dump scammers.


“Black Pigeon Speaks” took money, to promote a social media app called “Candid” to his audience. BPS made it seem like he just happened to like the app because it’s a free speech app. In reality, “Candid” app was an anti-hate speech app.



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