Warning over mortgage ‘timebomb’ as homeowners ‘face biggest hike in interest payments ever’ (UK f*cked borrowers are about to learn the key difference between “homeowner” and “mortgage payer).

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  • Shock rise predicted after analysis of figures published by Treasury watchdog
  • Lib Dems found household with £236,000 mortgage would pay extra £2,581
  • This would be if, as calculated, mean monthly interest payments double to £474
  • News fuels fears that cost of living will lead to properties being repossessed 

Homeowners face the biggest hike in mortgage interest payments ever, it is claimed today, with thousands with a typical outstanding home loan seeing their monthly charges doubling next year to almost £500.

The shock rise was predicted after analysis of figures published by Treasury watchdog the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) and follows attempts by the Bank of England to tame soaring inflation by hiking interest rates – leading to rises in mortgage interest rates.

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