Warning sign: Comex Copper Smashed — maybe ignoring the global slowdown has ended and reality is starting to set in

In Other News, Pot Calls Kettle Black, Former ECB Chief Decries Fragility of World Economy

READ  The market is record short and the global economy is slowing again. Dumb money is going all in, no VIX, no Gold, no Bitcoin no USD, no hedges, nothing. Balls out, all in stocks.

2003-2011 ECB central bank dummkopf Jean-Claude Trichet leaves us struck dumb as he wags his finger at the peril of present-day global central bank debt, yet sees no connection to his own disastrous policy, proudly crowing “I decided with my colleagues to provide all the liquidity that the banks were asking for, without limit.”

Welcome Back! The Emerging Markets Crisis Is Right Where You Left It, and Getting Worse

A long Labor Day weekend was no vacation for continuing-to-spiral emerging markets. And the tale is the same as it ever was: Nobody has any solution for unraveling fiat currencies except to throw good money after bad, and slap on yet more debt-issuance duct tape, usually courtesy of the IMF, to the same structurally broken currency rattletraps.