WARNING! – They Have Committed Treason Against the President, People, & Nation!

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by Thinker

The only people who don’t want to tell the truth, are people with something to hide was a statement Obama made. What is happening within the government of the United States and the organizations that Americans could once trust, that are now seem to be filled with members from the secret societies that President John F. Kennedy warned the people about.

Why is the FBI, CIA< and Pentagon smearing President Donald Trump?

fFBI Jim Comey: President Donald Trump Is A Liar And Unethical | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Trump escalates attacks on FBI Robert Mueller


President Donald Trump has escalated his attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the wake of the firing of FBI Director Andrew McCabe. CNN’s Brian Stelter leads a panel discussion on the ramifications of the president taking on Mueller.

Ex-CIA chief to Trump: America will triumph over you

The only Americans/Politicians saying nasty and some treasonous words against President Trump should hold their tongues. Most have their own history of corruption that reports and alternative media is digging up as I write. Pedophiles are the ones in panic and history is being shredded to keep it from coming out. Every past president and politician has their own history and now the world is digging deep to see how many have a history they didn’t’ know about.

Could the attack on President Trump and his team have to do with exposing government agencies (filled with members of members of secret societies?) for child porn (Pentagon with over 10,000 computers with it and no one charged 7 years ago)

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Could it be that Peoples Politician Trey Gowdy working for Team Trump exposed the CIA (filled with members of secret societies) child-trafficking?

Could it be that the Peoples Politician Trey Gowdy working for Team Trump exposed the Clinton Russia sale of Uranium or was it the exposed Clinton child trafficking that was exposed in Haiti?

Golden showers for Trump vs Child Rape and Trafficking – Which one is Worse?

What should the world be talking about right now? Where are the children? Does anyone care? Distractions to protect the global elite pedophiles who prey on children from wars and areas of disasters – EYES OPEN!



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