Was the murder of George Floyd a paid-for/ordered execution? Are the current riots following the murder all pre-planned/ignited by some person/group? Minnesota State Police appear brainwashed. Everything seems all too-well orchestrated. Something is up.

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by tfg_

Someone or some group is controlling all of this.

The execution of George Floyd was paid for or ordered. That was no ordinary “man resists arrest and ends up dead” situation.

My first suspicion is foreign influences. The easiest way to destroy an enemy is to destroy it from within. Classic Art of War strategy. A large foreign influence could easily take control of a police department or even a handful of police officers to carry out an act which, according to the butterfly effect, would result in detrimental and chaotic effects.

Furthermore, the target himself is what strikes my suspicion hardest. I am a coincidence skeptic. George Floyd seems the perfect suspect. Extremely close relationship with a public icon/celebrity (i.e. Stephen Jackson)? Check. No criminal history and on the base level, looks to be a regular stand-up guy? Check. Also, there is the possible connection between Floyd and the police officer who had his knee on Floyd’s neck, Derek Chauvin. Supposedly they both worked at the same nightclub at the same time. If a foreign (or domestic) influence left identifying the victim to the police department/officers, a personal connection would suffice.

Whoever ordered this attack knew the consequences, and intended for the whole situation to play out like this. This was an ordered, paid-for execution. Sure, there have been situations exactly like this in the past with riots, etc. but this one feels different.

The Minnesota State Police are acting in an extremely unusual manner. Instant use of teargas, rubber bullets, agent provocateurs causing riots and arson??? It’s all too fishy to me. The policing tactics being used in this situation are rather irregular compared to previous similar situations.

Shall I remind you of a quote from Nikita Khrushchev?

“We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

Something is up. The state of Minnesota is acting unusually aggressively. An execution of an innocent man occurred in broad daylight, on purpose. It was supposed to be filmed. Those 3 police officers who imposed their body weight and suffocated George Floyd knew what they were doing. They knew they were being recorded. They were fine with it. They were carrying out orders to assassinate this man. It was meant to be recorded and go viral. Something is up. I’m not from the U.S, but it sure does look like the nation is truly being destroyed from within. A pandemic followed by civil unrest? That is certainly not natural.

From across the ocean, one can only sit back and and observe what unfolds.


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