Washington DC wants to raise registrations fees on heavy vehicles to $500

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They claim to be doing this because heavier vehicles cause more damage to infrastructure such as roads and highways. This is true for big rigs, but not cars and small trucks!

They set max weight at only 6000 lbs. so this would affect vehicles such as the Surburban, F350 and up, Ram 3500, Chevy 3500 etc.

See also  Elon Musk: "The Washington Post has gone from questioning the state to being its propaganda mouthpiece. Pravda would be proud."

Now to the ridiculous part:

They are giving an automatic 1000 lb. deduction to EV vehicles BECAUSE some of them are over 6000 lbs., and they know it!

So, is it about road damage or not?

More lies!



h/t FightForGod


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