Washington Is The Center Of Evil In the Universe

by Paul Craig Roberts

Those of us who are aware that the entirety of the Western media is unreliable rely on RT and Sputnik for news, but often RT and Sputnik sound like the unreliable Western media.  I have noticed this for a long time.  Often I thought I should write to someone, but have always been too busy.

After reading this account — sputniknews.com/uk/202108111083583106-uk-high-court-rules-us-appeal-can-proceed-after-lawyers-claim-assange-healthy-enough-for/ —on Sputnik on August 11, 2021, I realized that I have been negligent in my duty.

The Russian media undermines its own effectiveness and credibility by repeating lies told by the Western presstitutes.

Here is the specific problem in the Sputnik link above: The article by Ilya Tsukanov states: “Assange received asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2012 in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden on sex crime charges.”  This statement is absolutely and totally false.  It is a false statement that Western media whores have repeated endlessly, but that is no excuse for Russian media to follow the whores.

Julian Assange was never charged with sex crimes. There never was any extradition request on sex crime charges.  The two women did not file sex charges against Assange.  Both invited him into their beds.  One of the women was concerned that Assange did not use a condom or that it broke.  She wanted him to take a test to see if he had Aids.  He foolishly refused. The woman went to the police to see if she could compel Assange to have the test.  It was the police who initiated an investigation.  The Swedish prosecutor investigated and ruled there had been no offense.  Assange was released and left Sweden for England.

On his arrival he found that another Swedish prosecutor, some sort of feminist, had on her own initiative reopened the dismissed case.  This prosecutor requested Assange’s extradition to Sweden only in order to be interviewed. The law does not provide for extradition only to be interviewed.  Charges must be filed, but the basis for the charges had already been dismissed by the Swedish prosecutorial office.

Most who have carefully followed Washington’s persecution of Assange believe that the Swedish prosecutor who reopened the closed case did so in response to a Washington bribe or threat or from the feminist hatred of men.  Assange, advised by his attorneys, realized that the Swedish prosecutor was abusing her power in order to turn Assange over to Washington. He sought and was granted asylum in the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

London, on orders from Washington, refused to recognize the political asylum a country had granted to Assange.

Washington went to work to replace the Ecuadoran president with Washington’s man.  When this object was achieved, Washington’s president of Ecuador revoked the asylum, and on Washington’s orders, the British police seized Assange in the embassy and dragged him into a British maximum security prison, where he has been held in isolation for years while a court case dragged on to decide whether or not he could be extradited to the US.

The judge finally ruled no, but Washington has ordered its British puppet to allow Washington to challenge the ruling.  Washington no more respects UK law than Washington respects International law, Russian law, Chinese law, Ukrainian law, and Washington’s British puppet, after faking signs of resistance, will comply.

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So what are Washington’s charges against Assange?  We don’t really know.  Apparently, the charges are based on some treason statute.  But Assange is not a US citizen and cannot commit treason against a country of which he is not a citizen or resident.  For many years Washington has had a US Attorney working with a Grand Jury to invent charges against Julian Assange. The members of the Grand Jury will, of course, be too stupid to comprehend the issue.  As has been said thousands of times, a prosecutor can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich.

From Washington’s view, Assange’s offense is that he made available documents to the pubic that were made available to Wikileaks apparently by Manning. The documents showed conclusively in an official US video US troops committing war crimes.  Wikileaks also published, after carefully vetting them,  documents given to Wikileaks that revealed Washington’s lies and deceptions of its dumbshit European, Canadian, and Australian puppets.

To make information available that was withheld from the pubic is what Ellsberg did when he gave the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times, which brought about the end of the Vietnam War which was based on nothing more than profits for the US military/security complex.  The corrupt US government tried to prosecute Ellsberg, and, had they succeeded, also the New York Times, but the first amendment overruled the concocted and invalid case.

Today Washington’s phony argument is that Assange and Wikileaks are not journalists, but Russian agents, that is, spies working against America.  This is blatant nonsense. Moreover, it is a charge that reduces every honest Western journalist, assuming that there are any, to the status of a traitor if he tells the truth against official narratives.

Throughout the Western World there is no honest media. What the West has is a propaganda ministry for the Establishment.  The Western presstitutes—a contraction of press prostitutes—deliver the stories that serve the Establishment’s interests.  As I have previously said, as a former Wall Street Journal editor and columnist for Business Week and the Script Howard News Service, when I was a Wall Street Journal editor we would not have hired, on grounds of incompetence and absence of integrity, any member today of any TV, print, or NPR “media.”  The US media today consists of bought and paid for liars.

In the West today real journalists, other than a few exiled ones, such as Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, and Pam Martins, don’t exist.  The West lives under a propaganda ministry that suppresses all divergent facts and opinion from the official narratives.  The entirety of the Western peoples are locked up in The Matrix, and there is no Neo to rescue them.

The failure of the British courts to stand up to criminal Washington and to release Julian Assange from a decade of wrongful persecution is evidence that the rule of law in the Western world is dead as a door nail. We have reached the point where it is idiocy and self-delusion for any person and any government anywhere in the world to trust anything a Western government  or presstitute says.

Once Julian Assange is eliminated, Washington will reel in Russian journalists who are exposed by being located in the US, and they too will be destroyed along with independent journalists on the Internet.

Perhaps fearing that fate, Sputnik and RT pull their punches and repeat Washington’s lies in order to lower their profiles.  We get some truth from them, but not all of it.

Americans, and I think Russians and Chinese, will never comprehend that Washington is the center of evil in the Universe.  Washington has been practicing evil for decades, and the evil is now reaching heights never before experienced.


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