Washington Post Claims Trump Stole Nuclear Secrets So He Could Build His Own A-Bomb

by Chris Black

Jeff Bezos’ blog claims that Trump stole the nuclear secrets from the White House.

Was Trump planning to build his own nuclear bomb, so they had to raid him to prevent him?


New York Post:

FBI agents were searching for classified documents concerning nuclear weapons when feds raided former President Donald Trump’s Florida mansion, a report said Thursday.

People familiar with the investigation told The Washington Post that the sensitive documents were among the items pursued by the FBI in Monday’s raid.

It’s obviously completely fake news, made up whole cloth – but planted by the feds.

Donald Trump is not plotting to build a nuclear bomb. I just can’t even…

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One of my professors in college attempted to discredit Reagan and prove that he was just a puppet who didn’t write any speeches and was essentially brain dead before his second term.

Instead of finding evidence of that, she found that he would often wing it on live TV, sounding like he had a team of professional writers. He barely ever used a teleprompter and memorized his speeches. 

The evidence of cognitive decline didn’t show up until his last year in office, and was nowhere near as bad as Biden on his best day twenty years ago. Reagan’s big decline happened after he left office, even though it did set in quick. 

Reagan was the last president we had who you could say was actually presidential. George Bush was a satanist dictator and Dubyah was just there to shuffle around while his daddy’s friends took over the country behind the scenes. 

Clinton and Obama were just teleprompter reading actors.

 Biden is just the deep state rubbing your face in the fact that they could put anyone in the White House. 

Trump could have been great, but he was hamstrung by his belief that people in government would actually work for him, not against him.

 His years were the best in the last 30, only because he represented a pause in the Great Decline.


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