Washington Reporter Jack Posobiec Says: Comey Dropped Rice Investigation, Because He Would Be Incriminated.

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by Pamela Williams
Jack Posobiec is the Washington Bureau Chief of @TheRebelTV.  He is making a name for himself with his groundbreaking news stories.  As he says, this is a developing story, and a very important one.  He tweets:
FBI source tells me Comey dropped the Susan Rice unmasking investigation bc it would have implicated himself. Developing
Redstatewatcher is also reporting the same story.
We have the video here:
Published on May 14, 2017
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Posobiec has a reputation as a go-getter reporter, and he has also been very accurate.  He has access to the White House; in fact, he received this news at the White House.  Posobiec is also one of the first reporters to report on the Macron email hack.  He has his nose buried deeply in the breaking news in the political landscape of today.
Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and James Comey were among the few that had the ability to unmask U.S. citizens and thus digging deeper into the Susan Rice investigation could have very well led to Comey having improperly unmasked Trump Team members for obvious political motivations.  Let’s not forget James Comey has multiple ties to the Clintons.
A colleague of “Guerilla Journalist” James O’Keefe and filmmaker/reporter Mike Cernovich, Posobiec supported Donald Trump during the campaign and is seeking to become the next president of The Heritage Foundation.
He has run political campaigns, is a military veteran, and now a credentialed member of the White House Press Corps.  Of his work in media, Posobiec wrote, “The public is turning to news sources like The Rebel because traditional media outlets are pushing a radical left-wing, anti-Trump agenda and have failed to hold officials accountable.”
Fox News’ award-winning reporter Catherine Herridge said that frustration “mostly from Republicans” with FBI Director James Comey was that “he has been sort of slow walking records about the Americans who were identified or unmasked in these intelligence reports and providing them to Congress. And the reason that’s a big deal is that everyone in the IC, in the intelligence community knows that there is no bigger, deeper, wider, extensive paper trail than there is when you unmask or identify an American citizen. And it should not take months. It should take weeks if not the course of several days to know who was unmasked and who made those requests and that has not been provided.”
Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, admitted to “unmasking,” or requesting to be unmasked, the names of U.S. citizens involved in communications with foreigners under surveillance by the U.S. intelligence community.  An individual who Rice may have requested be unmasked is Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret), Trump’s first national security adviser, after which his name was illegally leaked to The Washington Post.
Flynn was forced to resign his post after the leak exposed that he did not accurately brief Vice President Mike Pence about the substance of at least one of his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.
On March 20, in an unusual move, Comey confirmed that the FBI was investigating allegations that some Trump campaign aides were “colluding” with Russian-government operatives regarding the presidential election.  Trump has vehemently denied the claim, calling the investigation on Friday “a witch hunt.”
Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, testified on Tuesday that at the time he left office on January 20, he knew of no evidence compiled from any investigation to date supporting the “collusion” allegations.  Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Rep. Maxine Waters (R-CA) have admitted on television that no evidence has been found to date.
Also on Friday, Comey said he would not testify in a closed-door session of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.
Rice declined an invitation to testify on May 8 along with Clapper and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.
In conclusion, as this is breaking news that the mainstream news media is not reporting, I will go out on a limb and say I trust Jack Posobiec is reporting a legitimate news story of great importance.  Thus, I feel the story should go on to be read by Americans who want the truth behind James Comey.  

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  1. Comey is extremely compromised because of his position as money laundering bankster at HSBC, in charge of laundering the money from the Bush/Clinton drug running operation in Nicaragua.
    FWIW this is not a conspiracy theory — you can read about it on cia.gov no less:
    Jail Bush, Clinton AND Comey. Now.

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