Washington State extends May 4 “Stay at Home, Stay Healthy” order

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by DCG

On Tuesday night, failed demorat presidential candidate Gov. Jay Inslee announced that restrictions will not be lifted as promised on May 4 for Washingtonians.

Apparently the original goal post of “flatten the curve” has now been moved to “a steady decrease of the spread of COVID-19.”

From his announcement:

“The return to public life will occur in measured steps. It will be guided by science and informed by our public health needs, our ability to mitigate impacts, and the response of Washington communities.”

The governor now states that “we need significant statewide testing before opening back.”

The goal post has been moved, again.

Read the governor’s whole three-step plan to “a safe return to public life” here.

His blanket approach is not measured with the actual Wuhan virus cases throughout the state.

Seattle had set up a 250-bed “emergency hospital” to treat Wuhan virus victims in the Seattle Seahawks stadium in anticipation of imminent cases. Turns out they tore down the emergency hospital two weeks ago after it was determined it wasn’t needed. So now the goal post is being moved.

My father lives in a county in northeast Washington that has a population of around 44,000. It’s a very rural area and they have 19 confirmed cases of Wuhan virus. Yet they are shutdown.

In Kitsap County (Port Orchard and Bremerton area) they have a population of just over 251,000. They have 141 confirmed cases of Wuhan virus. Yet they are shutdown.

Why can’t the governor allow local municipalities with rural populations and those that have effectively mitigated impacts the capacity to determine what is best for their citizens? Does the science and numbers not matter? Why must they continue to stay at home and create more economic hardships for their citizens?

I think many of us have our own theories as to why the demorat Gov. Inslee isn’t allowing the whole state to open up. And it’s got everything to do with this being a presidential election year.



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