Washington State sues Motel 6 for cooperating with ICE

ICE agents who visited one of the locations in south Everett, Washington, obtained a list of guests staying in the hotel from the front desk. After ICE agents had the list, they circled names that sounded Latino. As a result of the operation, six individuals were detained by ICE, according to the statement.
This particular location in Washington gave out personal information 228 times in a period of 225 days, according to the lawsuit.
Ferguson’s office said that it would ask the court to order Motel 6 to pay up to $2,000 for each customer’s information that it handed over to ICE agents – or at least $18.2 million, plus fees and court costs.
“Washingtonians have a right to privacy, and protection from discrimination,” Ferguson said in the statement. “I will hold Motel 6 accountable and uncover the whole story of their disturbing conduct.”
Liberals are insane. Everything they do is counter to what is good for the USA, and to what is good for their children. And the whole West Coast and the NE seems to be hooked into this insanity.
h/t MarPep

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