Waste of Time to Test Says Mexico as 50% Test Positive

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Mexico’s health minister says testing is a waste of time as 50% of Covid-19 tests are positive.
Bury Head in Sand Approach 

Mexico shuns Covid-19 testing even though Half of All Covid Tests Are Positive.

The sky-high results are easy to explain — though not so easy to fix. The Latin American nation has stubbornly shunned wide-scale testing and instead runs exams only on the sickest of patients. Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez Gatell in late May said anything more would be “a waste of time, effort and resources.”

Throughout the pandemic, Mexico and parts of Latin America have reported positivity rates that dwarf anything seen from China to the U.S., including new trouble spots like Arizona and Texas. With half of all tests coming back positive, Mexico ties only Bolivia for title of the world’s highest rate. In Argentina and Chile, almost 3 out of every 10 exams lead to a Covid-19 diagnosis. And in Brazil, where 1.4 million people have been infected, no one knows for sure because the government doesn’t release that data.

Hey, Why Bother?

Hey, Why Bother

Mexico vs Russia vs Germany Population

  • Population of Mexico: 126.2 Million
  • Population of Russia: 144.5 Million
  • Population of Germany: 82.8 Million

Mexico vs Russia vs Germany Tests 

  • Mexico: 581,580 Tests
  • Russia: 19,852, 167 Tests
  • Germany: 5,873,563 Tests

Question of the Day

  • Q: What do these numbers suggest?
  • A: Mexico is broke. It cannot afford wide-scale tests nor can it afford to shut down the economy.

That is why Mexico sticks its head in the sand and pretends “testing is a waste of time, effort and resources.”

Mexico is in a terrible no-win situation.

Meanwhile, back in the US, The Recovery Will Have Many Shapes, Not One.

Also note that The Fed Promotes a Quickening that Takes Many Years.




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