WATCH: Massive Polish march that used loophole to bypass Covid ban with GOVERNMENT help

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Thousands of people took part in the Independence Day march in Warsaw, after Poland’s nationalist government found a loophole that allowed the event, even though a court earlier declared it illegal due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The right-wing demonstrators, dressed mainly in black, flooded central streets of the Polish capital on Thursday, carrying red-and-white national flags, burning flares and chanting slogans.

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The Office for War Veterans, which became the organizer of this year’s event, said that it was staged to honor the “protectors of the border” and underline the need to defend Poland’s sovereignty from intruders.

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They were apparently referring to the border guards, police and military, who’ve been preventing attempts by some 4,000 would-be asylum seekers from the Middle East to cross into Poland from Belarus since the start of the week.



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