WatchMaga on Mueller: “I CALLED IT! A year and a half ago. I’ll tell you what else people are missing.”

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“I CALLED IT! I just want to say it. I CALLED IT! A year and a half ago I said that this entire process would end in Mueller giving a speech about Trump that essentially duplicated the Comey speech about Hillary. The purpose being to draw an equivalency between the two—thereby protecting Hillary.

I’ll tell you what else people are missing.

Everyone thinks Mueller held back the report for two years in order to influence the midterms. While it may be true that the investigation DID influence the midterms, this was not the purpose of the delay. Mueller was waiting for the Democrats to win the house and HOLD the Senate. That’s all the Dems had to do and they had impeachment in the bag. There were enough Never-Trumper Republicans to get the president impeached if the Dems could just hold on to the seats they had. All historical precedent said that would.

If the Democrats had maintained their marginal minority in the Senate, Mueller’s report would have been quite different. He would have recommended charging Trump with a process crime AND charging Don Jr. with espionage, for the meeting at Trump Tower. We know that was bullshit. But that doesn’t matter. That was going to serve as pretext for impeaching the president. And I’ll tell you one more thing too.

ALL of the media were set to go along with it. ALL of the Media. Including Fox News (as I had previously stated). Bret Baier, Caoato, Shep, Wallace — They’re all in on it as their behavior today demonstrates. There was going to be a massive, nation-wide, unified call for impeaching the president. The political class. The media class. The educated class. A unified call to get rid of him.

And it would have succeeded. Except that Trump WON SEATS IN THE SENATE. Bucking every historical trend, he gained power after the midterms. That destroyed the Mueller plot. That’s when Mueller decided his report had to change. To avoid getting roped in with the conspirators, he pulled his punches. He doesn’t want to get nailed as part of the conspiracy now he believes it can’t succeed.

Problem is; everyone else was all set to go! Everything is in place. They’ve been waiting breathlessly for the go signal. And now that Trump is going ahead with declassification, they’ve decided their only course is forward. With or without Mueller, the plan is going ahead. They are going to go after the voted in the Senate using blackmail and bribery and anything else they have. And the media is lining up to support their effort — FOX NEWS TOO.

That’s why Mueller suddenly reappeared and reversed himself from the story he told Barr. Mueller has been told that the plan is going full speed and he better get onboard or they will destroy him.

So today he did his best to give the conspiracy just enough to allow it to proceed without implicating himself. He doesn’t know how it’s going to pan out so he’s hedging as best he can.

My bet? Impeachment will fail. If it had a reasonable chance, Mueller would have gone for it. But he didn’t. That suggests the effort is being made now out of desperation.”



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