Water wars heating up in Arizona – if you live in a desert, you’re in trouble

One guy drilled a dry 900 foot well, cost about $40,000. A lot of these homeowners have water trucked in, but many cities won’t sell water if it will be trucked out of city limits. as the supply drys up, look for those that control water to circle the wagons.

what happens to your property value when there is zero affordable water available?

humans get very smug with their clever engineering, not sure how they’re going to engineer their way out of this one.


“All the low-hanging fruit has been picked, water-wise. There is a second tier of water resources—it exists. But they are significantly more expensive than the existing water supply. Water prices that seem expensive right now will probably seem reasonable in ten years. There’s going to be a lot of outrage.”

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Last year, Maricopa County added more residents than any other county in the country. “Well, yeah, it’s because they’re issuing building permits with no water,” Nabity said. “We are building way beyond our means.”

“Who’s gonna spend five hundred ninety-five thousand dollars for a house with no water?”


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