We Are In A Crash

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It is on – that is the bottom line.
#Fed suddenly cut the Money Supply (TMS) in 2017 just like 2000 & 2007 & now the crash begins after 1 – 2 yrs.
GDP, PMI, Inventories, dropping Treasury yields, etc. just lagging indicators.
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Not just #bond yields caving.
2,000 share NYSE Composite let go in Jan 2018 (~ 12 months after #Fed slashed Money Supply (TMS) to pre-crash yr 2000 & 2007 levels) yet no talking heads recognize lower highs & lower lows.

#markets #Finance #fx #EndTheFed #stocks #gold #OOTT

3mo-10yr spread collapses (worse when adjusted for QE). Hwvr, bond yields a LAGGING indicator to Money Supply (TMS) – & TMS now chopped to yr 2000 & 2007 mkt collapse levels. Disloc’n follows.

… the 3-Mo Treasury yield has broken down thru its 200 dma.

1) Fed cuts money supply (TMS) ✔️
2) 3-Mo Tsy breaks 200 dma ✔️
3) Stock market breaks down (2000, 2008) …

#Bonds #markets #Finance #fx #EndTheFed #stocks

Last two times the heavily cut the Money Supply (yrs 2000 & 2006/2007), 3-month Tsy’s plunged below the 200 dma then S&P500 collapsed. The Fed has again cut Money Supply & 3-month Tsy’s also about to break 200 dma.



– China trade deal not resolved

– Over 7,000 store closings so far this year

– More companies trading at 52 week lows than 52 week highs

– Manufacturing activity at 9 year low

– US new housing at 5 month low

– GDP forecasts down

– Inverted yield curve


– BREXIT still unresolved

– International growth slow

– Eurozone manufacturing contracting

– German business confidence at 4 year low

– South Korea exports declining

– Debt ceiling end of summer

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