WE ARE LED BY IDIOTS: CDC Narrative on COVID Was Just Blown Up by…Fauci?

via townhall:

The fourth COVID wave is canceled now. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s COVID czar, said so. In doing so, he delivered a nuclear strike against the narrative that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been trying to conjure for days. We’re facing impending doom from spring breakers enjoying their time in the sun. Nothing happened. Let’s go back even further to the Conservative Political Action Conference that was held in Orlando last February. Where were the outbreak stories two weeks after that event? The CDC says the vaccinated can travel, only to backtrack in less than 36 hours. What is it, folks? I know many stopped listening to these clowns a long time ago, but now—with vaccinations rolling out swimmingly—it’s truly time to stop panicking. The CDC said a COVID doomsday is coming. Fauci just said, Nah—I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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