We are living through the formation of a control system that will dwarf the formation of the federal reserve

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by jimythetulip

We are living through a time where climate alarmism has reached a fever pitch. It terrifies me. Not climate change, but climate alarmism.

For the record, I believe man made climate change to be absolute horseshit. You can watch these videos or others on that topic. There is no lack of information in that regard.

What scares me beyond anything is how quickly the level of discourse has changed. This is a move for further global government.

The not too distant future, is going to be one where we are undoubtedly convinced through our propaganda machines that our human existence is continually in danger. One where we must walk this tight rope, forever on the brink of irreversible and catastrophic climate change. Always on the brink. That our actions and carbon taxes and governing authorities have kept us safe for so long. Kept us from falling off that rope and kept us from the irreversible cascade of destruction by just one degree Celsius. It will always be just one degree away.

Our very existence will be taxed, in a successful attempt to monetize the air, the water, the resources globally. A global control system over your entire existence and over the natural resources of the entire planet. A group of nations signing in agreement will use sanctions and eventually military force to coerce others into their global taxation and monetization scheme. We will cheer, we will feel good about ourselves, in that we did what we must, to save the planet while toppling uncooperative governments for their own good and for the good of the globe. We won’t have any choice but to act. it IS otherwise the end of the world after all. The petro dollar becomes the lithium dollar or the carbon dollar. But nothing really changes.

Of course there won’t be any climate change deniers, because the science is so obviously settled. Just like all the other instances where consensus is used to go to war. Or to convince you of the truth. So many undoubted truths. The truths that people can’t bear to learn are wrong. They refuse to look. Some people will know deep down. But the machine won’t let you question. Just like all the other things we’re not allowed to question. All the other things that stare you right in the face. But you can’t say it. You can’t. You and I are just cogs in the machine. Because at the end of the day, they aren’t really monetizing the earth or the water. They are monetizing us, our consent, our compliance, and our ability to socially engineer one another.




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