We Are NOT Turning On Trump

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He Turned on Us.

If you hire a subcontractor to build a bathroom, and he starts building it in a different dimension that you instructed him to … you aren’t “turning on” the subcontractor if you criticize him or even decide to fire him… you are holding him accountable. He made an agreement with you to build the bathroom according to your specifications and now he is turning on YOU …. on his agreement.

Trump made a contract with his voters. He presented his ideas on subjects, including bombing Syria, and the voters agreed with his position and decided to SPEND their vote on him.

This is real life, and war is NOT fun. We sit here in America and watch this shit on TV … the people of Syria have been living this nightmare for over 5 years. Hundreds of thousands of people, who get up in the morning and make breakfast for their children, who go to work like you and me to provide for their family, who have dreams, aspirations, love for their families, and have absolutely done NOTHING to you and me …… are DEAD … Because of the US presence and funding of proxy Islamic armies.


So stop with this cultish bullshit crying that people are “turning on Trump”.

Savage, Fatman, Coulter, and all the rest are holding him accountable … and good for them. i dont even like them particularly, but I have RESPECT for them on this issue because they are willing to stick their neck out there and say “No, This is NOT what we voted you to do and YOU KNOW IT, President Trump”

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Now, you can go back to your Q fantasy world where 2+2=5, go back to your rationalizing how bombing Syria is a top secret movie plot where Trump is actually bombing Deep State targets, go back to calling people who hold THE PERSON THEY VOTED FOR ACCOUNTABLE TO WHAT THEY SAID THEY STOOD FOR ….. and circle jerk each other in your echo chamber.

I’ve had enough of this.




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